This organization requires new machinery, below are the details and total cost of required machinery from which we can make the new print or copies of the Holy Quran from the old torn pages.

S. NoDetailsPrice
1.Super MachineRs. 9,30,000
2.CutterRs. 7,50,000
3.ArfinalRs. 52,000
4.Big and Small PulperRs. 6,60,000
5.Cardboard press machineRs. 3,80,000
6.LiftRs. 100,000
7.Pump MadaniRs. 100,000
8.Toyota Dyna / Mini TruckRs. 20,00,000
9.50-Transformer power poles and wiring costsRs. 400,000
10.Construction costsRs. 50,00,000
11.Boring costs for tube wellsRs. 8,00,000
12.New machine for printing new Qur’an CopiesRs. 100,00,000
Total PriceRs. 2,16,40,000/- 

Fundraising Note:

We only collect or accept donations from the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, donations from the rest of the world are prohibited in ITBAQ.