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Sacred Guardianship: Shielding the Honor of the Quran Shareef’s Torn Pages”

Brief Introduction:

ITBAQ (An Organization protecting torn pages of Quran) IDARA TAHFOZ-E-BOSEEDA AURAQ-E-QURAN-E-KARIM (ITBAQ). This organization is devoted for collection of detached and loose old pages of the Holy Quran to protect its sanctity that remains closet to every Muslim’s heart. We are a registered organization with the government of Pakistan under registration no 5/3247 with Joint Stock Companies and Societies act since 2005. ITBAQ is committed to a sacred mission – safeguarding the sanctity of the Quran. Our noble endeavor involves collecting torn pages of the Holy Quran and burying them deep within the earth, ensuring they are shielded from disrespect and desecration. ITBAQ had buried thousands of tons of torn pages since 2005 till date 

Our Mission: The Quran is not merely a book to us; it is the sacred word of Allah, deserving of the utmost reverence and protection. Unfortunately, torn pages of the Quran can sometimes fall into disrespectful hands, leading to unimaginable acts of desecration. This is where we step in.

What We Do: Through our dedicated efforts, we collect these torn pages from various sources and carefully bury them in secure locations, far from harm’s reach. By doing so, we honor the divine message contained within each page, preserving its dignity.

Why Your Support Matters: We cannot accomplish this mission alone because of various reasons. It requires the support and generosity of compassionate individuals like you. Your donation will directly contribute to our ongoing efforts to collect, safeguard, and respectfully bury torn pages of the Quran, ensuring they are shielded from disrespect and dishonor.

How You Can Help: Your contribution, no matter how big or small, makes a significant difference in our ability to carry out this important work. Together, we can uphold the sanctity of the Quran and protect its honor from those who seek to undermine its significance.

Join Us Today: Join us in this noble cause and be a part of something truly meaningful. Together, let’s ensure that every torn page of the Quran finds its rightful resting place, far from harm’s reach. Your support is invaluable, and we are immensely grateful for your generosity.

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We invite donations and financial contributions from individuals, communities and organizations.

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ITBAQ Volunteers

Contact Us: For inquiries or further information about our organization and our mission, please feel free to contact us on the following:

Aftab Ali (Primary contact)                          +92-345-8561000 ([email protected])

Mohammad Ismail (Primary contact)        +92-333-9473789 ([email protected])

Qari Mohibullah (Secondary contact)       +92-301-8521959

Hussain Khan (Secondary Contact)            +92-345-8122699    

Imran Khan (Secondary contact)                +92-343-2008094