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Welcome to IDARA TAHFOZ-E-BOSEEDA AURAQ-E-QURAN-E-KARIM (ITBAQ). This organization is collecting the old torn pages or leaves of the Holy Quran and Hadith and protecting them in safe places.

Brief Introduction:

The Holy Quran is the last (fourth) Holy Book sent by Allah (Subhanahu wa ta’ala) for all mankind through our last Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam). Millions of Muslims read this Holy Book daily in their Homes, Schools and Mosques (Masjids).

On daily basis Millions of copies are printing in different countries in the world of this Holy Book. In addition to this, also millions of books based on the hadith, jurisprudence and Islamic material are printing. These books also contain Allah’s names (Al-Asma al-Husna), the Prophets and the Angels names. In which quantity the Quran, Hadith and other mentioned books are printed with that quantity their pages become old or torn which are unable for reciting. Until the past, when ITBAQ.org was not established and did not come into operation, so these Holy torn pages were kept in old tombs, mountain caves, thrown into the water of flowing rivers. In all these three ways the protection of these Holy torn pages did not achieve sense of purpose.

Establishment of ITBAQ.org

Allah Almighty has mercy on this Ummah and under the leadership of Mr. Qari Muhibullah Afi Anah, the organization IDARA TAHFOZ-E-BOSEEDA AURAQ-E-QURAN-E-KARIM (ITBAQ) the protection of old and torn Holy pages came into existence in the year of 2005. From the 2005 to 2020, hundreds of tons torn Holy pages has been protected under the supervision of the founder of this organization Mr. Qari Muhibullah Afi Anha. These sacred or torn holy pages were collected from many Mosques, Madrasas, homes and offices etc of the Malakand Division that had been laying for years. After collecting these sacred or torn Holy pages, in the light of Sharia Fatwa, and according to the advice and guidance of authentic scholars, five wells were dug deep in the Sanghata area of Swat District and buried this with great respect. Still there are more than sixty trucks torn pages of the Holy Quran are stored in various warehouses of the ITBAQ organization. But some of the most distinguished scholars and muftiyan azim have drawn our attention to the fact that the paper is one of the numerous blessings of Almighty Allah and the source of getting knowledge. It is necessary that this blessing (paper) of Allah be saved from being wasted. Therefore, a project “Comprehensive plan for the Protection of the Holy torn pages of the Holy Quran” has been launched to achieve this goal.


To execute this project we need special machinery, details of the machinery has been given in the appeal section. The ITBAQ Organization has the land for installation of the mentioned machinery but does not have the resources to purchase the machinery. We appeal to all Muslims to cooperate with us for the sake of Allah by providing money to this organization or buy machinery for us.


Since the establishment of the ITBAQ Organization, which is being written so far, we have applied to all political leaders, prime ministers, chief ministers, ministers and local representatives of the Government, but no one has paid any attention to us.

I Qari Muhibullah, and my colleagues are respectfully appealing to all Muslims, to fear Allah and listen carefully the call of Holy Quran!

There are billions of Muslims but the Quran is still in such bad condition … very sad … May Allah mercy on our situation!!!

Caller to Goodness:

Qari Muhibullah Afi Anha,


Organisation for the protection of Torn Holy pages.

Fundraising Note:

We only collect or accept donations from the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, donations from the rest of the world are prohibited in ITBAQ.